Visualization of Tactical Scenarios (VisTaS™) is a software framework that allows visualization of Planning, Deployment, Threat Detection & Simulation of tactical scenarios involving various vessels and sonars and their movement with respect to time in 3D Space.

VisTaS™ enable users to visualize real tactical scenarios and relate them with data on operator consoles for increased awareness.


  • Real time visualization of tactical scenarios in 3D Space

  • Visualization of movement tracks of vessels in XY, YZ and XZ planes

  • Visualization of angular deviation from the reference vessel/sonar in XY, YZ and XZ planes

  • Easy toggle between different point for visualisation of scenarios from multiple reference points (common reference points or from individual vessels)

  • Easy integration with existing GUI based simulation
Pivot 3d
  • Visualization of ocean gradient and terrain

  • Visualisation of vessel operations

  • Visualization of deployment of sonars from vessels at specified time in space

  • Display of real time asset information such as speed, depth, altitude, orientation etc. as a tool tip

  • Pre-existing Library of Vessels for Scenario Visualization

  • Software Framework with endless possibilities for customization

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