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Air 360° Tours

Developed an iOS/Android based interactive sales catalogue for Ingersoll Rand USA line of air-compressors. The application features high quality 3D Interactive models of various air-compressors and lets a user spin, rotate, zoom in/out, explore internal and external views and access product information present with-in multi-language hotspots placed across product.




  • In heavy machinery domain, product demonstration becomes a major challenge thereby sales engineers rely on non-interactive mediums like printed brochures and videos
  • For B2B enterprises exhibitions are major marketing and sales avenues. But due to limited space and high rentals enterprises are not able to showcase their complete line of products. Plus logistic costs involved in carrying heavy equipment incur huge capital and damage risk
  • Not providing customers with a consistent experience across locations
  • The traditional marketing collaterals like brochures and videos do not capture insights during a sales activity and miss out on crucial data on customer interaction and experience
  • An unstructured training leading to a low learning curve for non-technical staff. High dependency on a physical product and instructor leads to high costs and less number of training sessions


  • We collaborated with Ingersoll Rand Global Sales Team to discuss the challenges they face when it comes to sales, demonstration and trainings of their air compressors. We designed an iOS/Android application called Air 360 Tours - which features realistic models of their complete line of air compressors built using real-time rendered 3D technology
  • The application lets a user to spin, zoom, rotate the product. Users can explore various views of the air compressor, from external to internal mechanical components of the air compressor. The interface also provides a user with multi-language hot-spots placed across the product providing information on various features and parts of the machine
  • The application is equipped with a desktop based backend that let's Ingersoll Rand team to add or delete any products in the application on the go. It also provides custom analytics on application usage in terms of application downloads and product views


  • Air 360 Tours won the President's award for being the most innovative sales solution at Ingersoll Rand USA
  • Catalysed new customer acquisition at exhibitions. Customers remembered the immersive two-way interaction with the 3D products in their own hands, which led to early engagement, brand recall, and thereby shortening sales cycles
  • Along with sales, Ingersoll Rand is also using Air 360 Tours for product inductions and trainings. Now sales engineers can independently interact, explore and train themselves on product features and applications
  • The increasing use of data and digitization has helped many companies to better grasp what their customers need, or how they are really using their products, and then make enhancements that will further benefit those customers’ needs. It has also helped manufacturers to better analyse their own inefficiencies and provide faster, more efficient ways of designing new products