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Heavy Machinery

In heavy machinery sector, product demonstration for sales and marketing is a major challenge. It is time, cost and effort intensive process. But with immersive technologies like 3D, augmented reality and virtual reality, you can provide a near-life like experience anytime & anywhere. Cut down on exhibition logistics and rentals and engage your customers and initiate larger conversation.

Complex equipment requires expert handling to ensure safety and equipment upkeep. Optimize core areas of training like knowledge, frequency and cost, with 3D and virtual reality based interactive training solution. It almost mimics the real time equipment handling experience, prompts and scores based on the trainee’s performance.

Along with expert handling, heavy machinery like construction or power requires expert service and maintenance. With augmented reality based remote assist and 3D repair instructions, enable your technicians to detect and resolve any issue in record time to further reduce down time and wastage.

Check out our work with Ingersoll Rand and ASSA ABLOY.

  • 3D Product Demonstrations on laptops, smartphones & tablets
  • Immersive product showcase using Augmented & Virtual Reality
  • 3D interactive product assembly & disassembly
  • Industry 4.0 compliant augmented reality based repair & maintenance tool
  • Virtual Reality based equipment training
  • Gamified safety and process trainings on smartphones & tablets
  • Gamified new-employee inductions
  • Interactive Solutions for Exhibitions and Trade Shows
  • Equipment/Scenario simulation based training

Millennials have become the most preferred target group for automotive companies and for obvious reasons; they care more about buying a new car, care less for the price and change sooner than the industry average. They are impulsive buyers but hard to sell. They are tech savvy and since online research is easy to do, they know more than your salespeople and dealers. But one unique fact about them is they are driven by experience.

Interactive tech (3D, AR & VR) offer immense potential to expand your reach, offer innovative and engaging product experience. Also it has led to new digital dealership formats like virtual showrooms with no real cars on the display but a VR car viewer, 3D car configurator to try on accessories and take cars on virtual test drives at some of the iconic locations around the world. Customer experience in automotive industry has become the battle ground as well as an opportunity to set a competitive advantage.

Conduct interactive soft-skill training for your salespeople, to better serve your customers by understanding their requirements, addressing their queries and presenting the relevant product or service.

Check out our work with Skoda.

  • Immersive & Interactive Solutions for showrooms
  • Virtual reality based car configurator and test drives
  • Augmented reality based interactive product showcase
  • Web-based real-time 3D rendered product configurator
  • Mixed reality solutions for car showcase
  • Interactive Solutions for Exhibitions and Trade Shows
  • Gamified trainings for sales reps and service technicians
  • Industry 4.0 compliant interactive repair and maintenance tools
  • VR enabled high-end driving simulators for training and test drives

Everything looks great in a retail showroom, but still we have tough luck finding out answers to questions like “Will that couch fit in my living room?”, “Will that rug blend well with my home décor?” Not anymore. With augmented reality based applications, you can try before you buy. Blend and place any product in your actual surroundings and see it yourself, be it chandeliers, décor, furniture, bath fittings or even a whole house. Immersive tech simplifies the process of imagination and takes a customer closer to making a purchased decision.

Go for a hybrid approach, by setting up VR experience zones at your flagship brick & mortar stores for that extra cognitive engagement. This helps in virtually expanding the shop floor space providing more opportunities to interact and engage with customers.

Check out our work with Easy Lights.

  • Web based 3D product showcase and configurator
  • Try before you buy with augmented reality based product catalogues
  • Virtual Reality experience zones at brick & mortar stores
  • 3D interactive & augmented reality plugins for e-commerce websites and applications
  • Do-it-yourself 3D interactive product assembly applications for furniture & décor
  • Mixed reality showcase solutions for retail stores
  • High-end holographic displays for luxury retail
  • Gamified new employee induction on brand and stores

Healthcare industry is rapidly expanding and adopting advanced technologies like Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality technologies for both trainings and treatments.

Using VR can be phenomenal to conduct trainings on complex lab, diagnostic and surgical equipment, simulating critical scenarios and procedures. Medical equipment are expensive, delicate and in certain cases hazardous. A small negligence can lead to bodily harm or equipment damage. With 3D or VR training, it’s now possible to train on completely intractable, real-life like machines which not only provide immersive experience but also monitors trainees’ performance for constant improvement.

Virtual Reality engages on a cognitive level which is why it is sometimes referred to as near reality. VR exposure therapy is an exceptional medium to conduct a specific type of reality emulation to get acquainted with phobias like fear of flying and claustrophobia.

  • 3D interactive medical devices product catalogues for sales and training
  • Virtual reality based exposure therapies to treat phobias and other psychological disorders
  • Virtual reality based training modules on surgical procedures and equipment
  • Gamified trainings for hospital staff
  • Virtual reality based remote medical consultation
  • Augmented reality based 3D models of skeletal, muscular or circulatory systems etc. to explain problems and corresponding treatments to patients
  • Virtual reality based trainings for first-aid, rescue and paramedic procedures
  • Augmented reality based repair and maintenance of equipment

Virtual Reality based Training: Create and experience new environments and activities for the first time using virtual reality, such as a jungle boat incursion, or an arctic mission, for context and locational awareness of situations.

Simulation: Simulated training allows militaries to train their personnel without mechanical and human wear and tear. It also cuts down training costs. New equipment and tactics can be field-tested. Militaries can work together in joint operations, ironing out problems before taking to the field.

Digital Sand Modelling: Compared to traditional Sand Models, Digital Sand Models offers improved situational awareness to the armed forces through integrated, true 3D visualization of terrain data and other important geographical data. It adds new dimension to Mission Planning, Operation Briefing, War Gaming and other training to the land forces.

Augmented Reality based Repair & Maintenance of Equipment: It consists of smart assembly/disassembly algorithms for automated generation of assembly sequences and AR scenes and improved interface, aiming to maximize existing knowledge usage while creating vivid AR service instructions.

  • Virtual Reality based procedure and skill training
  • 3D interactive visualization of mission critical scenarios
  • Accurate simulation systems for complex machinery and equipment
  • Gamified trainings on process and checkpoints during mission
  • Augmented reality based repair and maintenance of equipment
  • 3D interactive and virtual reality based pre-mission inductions on terrain, weather and other environmental factors

Curiosity, imagination and creativity are the foundation of any VR and AR experience. This makes these applications a must have for students to create, experiment and learn.

VR based practical modules can help train students on 3D Interactive concepts/models across subjects from planets to human body systems. Textbooks with Augmented Reality based application to show working diagrams can really boost their imagination.

Create virtual labs, to provide control, decision making, hands on with process and equipment. Train students on handling various equipment, machinery, tools in safe and engaging environment.

Check out our work with KAUST, Saudi Arabia.

  • 3D Interactive educational modules of live concepts in physics, chemistry, biology etc.
  • Virtual reality based historical narratives
  • Bring alive diagrams and models from text books using an augmented reality application
  • Virtual reality based educational tours like space tours, wildlife excursion etc.
  • Virtual labs to play, experiment and learn in a safe & engaging environment
  • Gamified assessments for added engagement, competition and excellence
  • Virtual reality based behavioural training modules to deal with adolescent issues
  • Interactive campus/school tours
  • Do-it-yourself in virtual reality, push imagination and create VR projects & models