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20 Oct, 2017
Shahansha Khan
Chief Operating Officer: Digital Agents Interactive

Virtual Reality is one of the fastest growing trends in upcoming technologies. It builds an artificial and simulated computer generated environment that transposes the user far from reality into a virtually built environment. It engages users on a cognitive level by enhancing sensory perceptions of sight and hearing.

With time business techniques have become extremely competitive and to give an extra edge to the products we see a blend of business and technology take off. New trends are being set and new methodologies are being involved. Virtual Reality has brought revolutionary effects on business these days, from product development to product testing and for the training programs for the new recruits. Many businesses have taken virtual reality as a cost effective alternative to develop and produce products. It not only helps in testing the product but also helps in identifying the problems in the initial stages.

VR has a lot to offer when it comes to business. Brands can connect to people in a totally different and engaging way, giving their clients an ultimate experience of their products with a story driven virtual reality experience not only educating them about the brand but also engaging them with an entertaining experience. It is most likely to boost E-commerce giving people a real life online shopping experience, with a better judgment of what they are purchasing.

Education is one another sector where VR has a potential to grow. It will give students a new medium to interact with their subjects, boosting their creativity, imagination and knowledge retention. It will significantly impact the practical aspects of education like training on laboratory equipment and experiments. VR not only offers an interactive and engaging space to learn but also a safe place to fail.

Entertainment industry has already started to reap benefits of VR. With new movie and gaming formats, it has transformed experiences many folds. Imagine VR directly taking you to Jurassic Park or to a cricket stadium or VR based games where the user can be fully immersed and experience things firsthand. Due to this entertainment factor, VR is of great help when it comes to trainings. VR offers highly immersive experiences to the new employee’s and aids that extra engagement and interest. It’s being widely used across industries to mimic adverse working conditions or complexities. For instance, training pilots or scientists working on space missions are opting for VR as they can experience far off conditions and prepare accordingly even for the adverse situation to come.

The future holds even greater potential for VR. With enhanced broadband speeds, live VR streaming is the next thing. One can be part of any live event happening in any part of the world from the comfort of their homes. Enhanced and inexpensive VR HMDs will find place in every home and business center catering to various experiences from learning to entertainment.