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06 feb, 2018
Ankush Bansal
Strategy Partner: Digital Agents Interactive

We can't doubt the conviction of great Archimedes here, the very original and scholastic contributor in the field of mathematics, physics, and engineering. Inventor of more than three dozen new tools and weapons systems and ultimate catch-phrase, "Eureka!"

But what do we learn from it? In the physical world it taught us the application of “Effort” on one end of a “Lever”, rested on a point we call “Fulcrum” which results in a corresponding movement of “Load” at the other end, we call work done. This phenomenon has led to some amazing mechanical inventions that have further led to magnificent creations.

But Archimedes ingenuity is not limited to the field of mathematics, physics, and engineering. It extends beyond that and today let’s implement it in business and marketing strategy.

Let’s replace Archimedes with our marketeers and earth by customer experience (CX) and keep the conviction intact. Now we all know, if at all there exists some sort of competitive advantage that no one can copy regardless of patented or not, it’s “Customer Experience - CX”. It’s a not-so-secret trade secret that makes or breaks a business.

Though not in mass but shifting CX is not less of a challenge as compared to moving planet earth. But it leaves us with two most prominent questions.

What is the “lever”? And, where is the “Fulcrum” to rest it?

Good news is, we all have the answer to our first question.

“Digital Transformation - DX”, which has got numerous facets and one of them is “Customer Experience”. A customer can be your traditional customer who buys your product & services or the people in your own organization, both of these groups ultimately fuel & run your business.

But, what about the “Fulcrum”?

Now just like Archimedes has his own classification of levers which is based on relative positions of fulcrum, effort, and load resulting in differential mechanical advantage, and each class has its own unique application and benefit.

Similarly, when it comes to customer experience, we can try various permutations & combinations to reap the differential advantage.

Since 2013, at Digital Agents Interactive, we have been creating our fulcrums using interactive technologies like 3D, Augmented reality, Virtual reality, and Gamification. We have placed them in sales, marketing and pieces of training across Defence, Education, Heavy Machinery and Professional Services sectors, thereby lifting heaviest & some of the most stubborn customer experiences.

We have moved beyond non-interactive prints & videos and encourage customer’s input and engagement on a cognitive level along the journey, whether it’s selling an air compressor using real-time rendered 3D interactive interface or training students in a gamified virtual laboratory. It follows a simple a rule, the more you interact, the more you remember and the more you recall. It can be your brand, product, solutions, instructional design, best practices, corporate policies etc.

There can be numerous ways to acquire a customer but there is only a certain way to retain one and that is “By providing second to none Customer Experience”. And at Digital Agents Interactive, our aim is to craft experiences which are digitally purposeful, intuitive and artistic.