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10 Jan, 2018
Ankush Bansal
Strategy Partner: Digital Agents Interactive

Every great innovation begins as an idea. The path from idea to tangible reality, however, can be long and sometimes complicated. Here is how, in the world of product design and development, ProvisX can help you bring your idea from initial concept to the market.

From 3D presentation to elucidate the concept to explaining product configurations, showcasing products to help clients in making quicker decisions, from 3D catalogues and 3D product manuals to walking your clients through virtual tours & walkthroughs of your products to develop training modules for a drastic improvement in the learning curve of your products, ideas and concepts, ProvisX is the perfect tool to showcase all your products & variants within a single application! In short, to give your customers a wider choice to choose from, ProvisX is the need of the hour.

As a marketing tool, ProvisX helps showcase photorealistic models and render them in real time to offer solutions that give complete freedom of movement and a holistic view to the end users so that they may visualize the product being offered from every possible angle and check out even the tiniest details by zooming into any aspect of the product. Customers also have an option to customize one or all aspects of the product within the application to better understand your concept!

As a training tool, ProvisX gives a complete 3D-360 view of the product will allow users to rotate, pan, zoom into the product etc. along with detailed information on individual components and specific 2D Data for a rich immersive experience of the product. This explains & trains users on how to assemble & dismantle the product and also how to operate a product using built in support for animations and effect.

To dwell deeper here are some of the features of the solution:

  • Eliminate the need to have multiple catalogues for different products. With ProvisX, showcase all your products & their variants within a single application
  • Multiple Implementation options for users to explore the product on any device and across platforms
  • Converts static brochures & magazines into Digitally Enhanced Augmented Reality based brochures & magazines using AR module
  • Understand your customers' likes & dislikes using the built in Analytics and prepare your products future iterations accordingly
  • Harness the power of social media and increase reach using the built in support for social media integration
  • Track your sales team performance using built in analytics
  • Notify customers whenever a new product is available using the notification feature of the application
  • Bring your products to life using virtual reality module of the application
  • Integrate 2D Data sheets such as features, specifications, benefits etc. to offer additional information about the product

ProvisX is all about leveraging advanced technology solutions, high-quality model-based engineering training, consulting, and technical support solutions.

Now create those immersive and engaging ecosystem for a mesmerizing experience for your client and ensure maximum satisfaction.