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VR Exhibition

Developed a virtual reality based product showcase application for CUMI - Manufacturers of coated abrasives, bonded abrasives, Abrasives for Stone / Construction Industry. The application features a hi-tech engaging user interface and provides all the relevant information of various CUMI product uses and benefits.




  • When participating in an exhibition, you have big expectations for what’s going to happen. You want great things to happen. You want to be able to generate new sales. You want to generate great buzz: good press, social media presence, and have people talking about you
  • This can be very difficult in competitive space like a trade show. You’re directly competing with dozens of other businesses that all share your objective of being the best stand. And not to forget the outrageous rent cost at these trade shows
  • So how do you stand out?


  • We worked with CUMI to develop a smartphone-based VR product showcase, to let their audiences interact with the products in a virtual hi-tech setting
  • Our solution is based on the marketing classic acronym AIDA which stands for attention, interest, desire, and action. The first thing we wanted to do is get our audience’s attention
  • Virtual Reality is still an emerging industry and a VR product showcase works like a magnet in a trade show setting
  • We showcased CUMI products in a sci-fi setting to provide the user with a sense of cutting-edge innovation and R&D that goes into developing these products


  • Virtual Reality provides experiences; experiences that feel real and are not easy to forget. A virtual reality demo offers your audience a way to interact with your business. It takes the relationship to a much higher level than simply the passive consumption of a video
  • Though videos are important and help simplify your message. But with a VR demo, you not only show your brand's digital, advance and connected culture but also lets you have someone’s attention and start a larger conversation