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Brand & Product Passion

Developed a web-based interactive virtual tour of Electrolux Global HQ at Sweden for employee training and induction as part of “Electrolux Brand & Product Passion Program”. It provides user a holistic cross-vertical tour of products with in-built interactive assessments.




  • Effective Induction and Onboarding are critical for both, employees and the business. Unfortunately, many organizations are still getting induction wrong. From content-dumping on the first day to just leaving new starters to ‘get on with it’, many organizations have found that not doing induction properly to be both expensive and ineffective
  • Insufficient time spent by managers: Despite the significance of induction and onboarding, pre-occupied managers find it difficult to take out time and focus on allocating efforts for these programs
  • Inconsistent communication: The biggest challenge for all face-to-face training sessions, is lack of standardised content. The message and communication depend completely on the presenter and can vary from person to person
  • Delay and Postponement: Often, if the number of new employees is small, allocating time is a challenge, and it may be several weeks/months by the time this gets completed
  • Information overload: The easiest way out is to dump all the available information about the brand and company on to new employees in the first few weeks of joining, and there is just not enough time to sift through, analyse, internalize, and apply. On the other hand, they do not have access to structured information once they are on the job and really need to access it


  • As a part of Electrolux Brand and Passion, we created a web-based 3D interactive virtual tour of the company's Swedish headquarters
  • The purpose is to provide cross vertical visibility to current and new employees about Electrolux products & services for kitchen, laundry and home-care
  • The experience provides a user freedom to explore the complete environment, interact with displayed products, people and visit exclusive department set-ups
  • All the branding elements like corporate videos, product details and other employment-related information are strategically distributed and communicated in the most effective way
  • To reinforce the information, interactive assessments are also conducted with the help of virtual characters at the help desks or reception, which ask the user a set of questions about Electrolux brand information & products present in the virtual environment
  • This web-based application also comes with an admin backend which allows admin to add/remove users, monitor and track engagement. This ensures timely completion and gather insightful data on employee engagement


  • The 3D interactive experience design provides a user game-like engagement. The immersive design induces curiosity and lets users to explore and learn more. It follows a learner-centric approach and ensures the experience is engaging and sticky. Proves to be the perfect fit for the new age millennial workforce
  • Flexibility for learners: They can consume the information at their own pace and can go back to it when they need it. The bite-sized learning makes it easier for them to assimilate it at their own pace
  • Organizational Benefit: Provide consistent message, and the same program can be made available to a geographically spread-out workforce
  • Content can be updated and redeployed quickly. It can be easily tracked and assesses learner performance
  • Content can be adapted quickly to changing business dynamics and the implementation can be planned and scheduled in advance