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Interactive Gamified Training

Developed an interactive iOS/Android application for East Midlands Trains (EMT) to provide train and platform inspection training to their staff. The application features a 3D interactive environment with 3rd person view that let’s a user explore various departments at EMT along with platform areas. The application also features in-built assessment and user analytics.




  • The project involved transforming train and platform inspection process training at East Midlands Trains. The instructional design involved inducting inspection officers with on ground operations and a set checklist that they have to perform daily without fail. This critical process directly affects overall operations, passenger's safety and experience
  • Cost and time intensive instructor-led process training
  • Due to non-interactive text & video based curriculum trainees are less intrinsically motivated to participate and complete the program
  • Unstructured and traditional assessment procedures resulting in discrepancies and faulty analysis


  • To overcome the existing challenges, we proposed an Interactive 3D Virtual Training of these processes along with an assessment mechanism which will not only keep the officer engrossed with the training but also tell when he/she is ready for on ground operations
  • Real Environment: Realistic looking office & platforms were developed in order to get the officers familiar with the office environment much before they joined
  • Process Flow: Officers were made to follow the actual process using an objective-based system so that officers are well aware of the entire process
  • Officer Assessment: A regular assessment of officers was done so that supervisors can know which officer has performed well and which hasn’t
  • Timer Based Tasks: To ensure that the officers take the time taken to complete the tasks very seriously we incorporated a timer solution. Failing to perform tasks on time led to a negative score in the training assessment
  • Risk Mitigation: Officers were allowed to make mistakes and correct them in order to make them understand about various critical situations that may occur during the actual operations


  • The Interactive 3D Virtual Training System witnessed improved participation and a higher level of motivation amongst the inspection officers
  • Officers were no longer dependent on supervisors and were able independently to undergo inspection training
  • With the help of in-built assessments, supervisors were able to analyse the results and focus more on further improvements in the instructional design
  • Officers trained through the Interactive 3D Virtual Training System made lesser mistakes and completed their tasks on time as compared to the ones trained using conventional methods
  • It proved to be cost-effective, engaging and productive solution that improved overall operations and safety at East Midlands Trains