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Developed an augmented reality based iOS/Android application that integrates with ethics and compliance program into a single app, giving employees access to the content and tools they need to help them make the right decisions. Instead of pushing the content, the application features an interactive user experience which helps in better participation and retention. The application is also backed by analytics which helps in tracking engagement and completion.




  • Compliance programs are stuck in a ‘push’ mentality. Learning & Development heads need tools and content that encourage employees to seek out compliance content and make it easy for them to do so


  • Developed an interactive augmented reality based mobile app. The application uses a smartphone or tablet camera to recognize various ethics and compliance posters placed across office, bays, cafeterias and responds with integrated rich content in the form of an audio, video or animated response
  • The app features interactive assessments which when successfully completed unlock further levels. This makes the overall experience not only interactive but also progressive. Along with this the application also features leader boards based on participants with successful completion and maximum scores


  • Catalyst AR, the first application of Augmented Reality in the Ethics & Compliance industry, allows learners to access engaging, interactive, media-rich content from any location at any time
  • Catalyst AR can be customized to accommodate a company’s specific content needs, from turning a printed code of conduct into an interactive experience, to providing micro-learning experiences directly in the workplace, to explaining policies in easy-to-understand language.  The app can also be integrated into existing corporate apps and is available for download on phone or tablet
  • Catalyst AR will drive better compliance programs and help the compliance message become a more integral part of company culture rather than something that is often looked at once and forgotten