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Gamified Training with Bisgame

Developed a web-based interactive retail scenario for Scania. With built-in interactive assessment, the application helps train sales staff on customer interaction, service and soft-skills. The application features Scania shop floor where a user entertains walk-in customer’s enquiry and gets evaluated on the types of responses he/she selects to cater to customer’s queries.




  • Every brick and mortar retailer wants more shoppers. Increase in footfalls doesn't solve the purpose if your retail salespeople don't know how to convert them into customers. In order to build retail sales, one needs to create and fine-tune a retail sales training plan, assess their employee associates and choose the best systems
  • In the world of rising competition and customer demands, it becomes an even greater challenge to engage a stranger, to build rapport and trust, to show a product and demonstrate its features and (more importantly) its benefits
  • How to compare products and overcome objections to selling value over price, and finally close each and every sale?


  • To meet the expectations as well as overcome inevitable challenges, we developed a web-based virtual sales environment for Scania, where employees can practice and interact with different types of walk-in customers
  • The application features a high-definition 3D interactive replica of a typical Scania retail scenario with product aisles, sales executives and customers. This provides not only an immersive experience to the user but also develops interests and helps in reinforcing the instructional design
  • For this application, we created different customer avatars with particular personality traits and product requirements. The idea is to make a salesperson adapt to diverse customer demands and behaviour
  • All the branding elements like corporate videos, product details and other employment-related information are strategically distributed and communicated in the most effective way
  • The training design is in a form of a dialogue between a sales executive (user) and a customer. This dialogue has various branching scenarios depending on the user's response to customer's queries
  • For every best-suited response that a user selects, he/she gets scores and approaches towards successful closure. At the end of the training, the user is provided with an analysis of his/her engagement with the customers and areas for improvement


  • This solution lets users to understand a customer's overall journey from Awareness, Consideration to Purchase
  • The interactive typical scenarios helped in developing Scania Retail staff's customer service skills by learning to anticipate how customers will respond. and craft their responses to customer questions, comments, and complaints
  • It also trained employees to pay attention to detail in terms of merchandise assortment across retail space, to help a customer easily navigate through aisles and explore products
  • With the help of in-built assessments, supervisors were able to analyse the results and focus more on further improvements in the instructional design
  • With instant feedback and gaming elements like interactive environment and scoring, makes the whole experience engaging. Now salespeople can play/train on this system on any device, any location and anytime